Passion, the missing ingredient in your content

"Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate." – Jon Bon Jovi

Most of the time, content marketing aims to educate. Maybe it entertains a little here and there, but content marketers tend to focus on education. And while content that teaches does its job, sometimes this kind of content alone can fall flat.

You see it yourself in Google searches. Informative content tends to feel as exciting as a cardboard box. These days, it’s not enough to simply hit keywords and answer search intent. You need to go a step further.

At PACT, we believe content that inspires always comes from a place of passion. So, if you want to step up your content game, start by looking for passionate content creators with whom to collaborate.


Look for a passion you share

Sounds obvious, but most people don’t consider looking for a content professional or agency that specializes in your niche, and does so out of passion, not out of necessity!

For example, PACT works well with tech companies because we’re big geeks who love diving into the latest tools and trends. Although marketers at our core, our love of technology means the work we do for our tech clients stands out in the crowd.


Look for passionate people

When niches fail, broaden your thinking. Look for passion in general.

Why do we say this? Because passion transmutes. It’s contagious. Generally, if a person or a company is passionate in one area, that curiosity spreads into everything they do. You can spot passionate people from a mile away, you can see it in their eyes, hear it in their voice, and—if they create content—feel it springing off the page.

If they exhibit passion for your content and strategy, and they demonstrate genuine interest in your audience, your brand, and your biggest business challenges, then you can bet that emotion will shine through in the content they create.


Look for curiosity

When hiring writers any other content creators, many marketers make the mistake of looking for industry experts. Subject matter expertise can help move things along, but the curiosity factor typically matters more when creating engaging content.

Look for content creators who seek to find answers to interesting problems, and who present solutions in simple and actionable ways.


How to access your own passion

It starts with strategy

If your content feels dull, or fails to resonate with your audience, you may need to go back to the drawing board. That means looking at your content strategy and editorial calendars and asking yourself important questions.

Does this content excite you, or are you just ticking boxes or hitting keywords?

Is this content you might read and find valuable yourself?

Would you share this content with a friend?

Does this content tell you something you don’t know already, or help you see something in a different way?

If you answer no to any of those questions, you might have fallen into the trap of regurgitation. You produce ‘expected’ content (that looks a lot like your competitors’ content), because it seems like the only option. If you tend to regurgitate the same old same old, it’s time to shake things up!


Go back to the beginning

If you write the content, but you feel that it lacks impact, ask yourself a series of questions designed to rekindle the passion.

What subjects are you reading or learning about?

Can you create content around that?

What got you interested in your subject matter in the first place?

What was it that got you over the line?

How does what you’re writing about contribute to the bigger picture?

If you zoom out, what’s the real human impact of your subject?


Mind your language

Keep your sentences short and your vocabulary crisp. Use active voice and strong verbs that create clear pictures in a reader’s mind. Ask questions, and then answer them. Lead the reader along an intellectual journey. Imitate the tone and rhythm of the human voice, and, most importantly, avoid corporate jargon.

If you do not write well, try another medium that better captures your personality. Some people shine on video, while others might express themselves better through audio or even graphics, if you’re highly visual.


Creating content for the long term

In the end, the content that will win in the online space won’t be the most keyword-optimized, the most heavily referenced, or even the most educational. Content that wins inspires, and the brands that focus on inspiring content see the best long-term results. If you’re ready to invest in your content marketing, here’s our advice: invest in passion.

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