Brand your coaching and mentoring.

“PACT connects our value proposition with the marketing of coaching services. Their creative approach proved crucial to developing a brand that represents our innovative coaching methods while also having the power to attract professionals.”

Brand Objectives

  • Brand development and positioning
  • Web architecture and content
  • Thought leadership blog articles
  • Referral program

Brand Challenge
Coaching and mentoring services can prove challenging to differentiate as they often rely on marketing a unique approach or patented process. Developing content to elevate coaching services while personalizing the approach to each individual’s needs is no easy task.

PACT Strategy-First Approach
Working collaboratively with our client, PACT applied creative direction and brand strategy to the new practice. Once approved, our team pulled together the framework and content of the website, provided direction for a launch campaign, and designed referral tools that clients can share with their friends and family.

PACT delivered:
1. Brand narrative and positioning statement (trademarked)
2. Web content and design consultation
3. Editorial calendar and blog articles

Component 5

Branded web experience

Bring the narrative and brand positioning to life online with a clear, distinctive voice.


Narrative and brand positioning

Craft a brand story that converts followers to customers and helps communicate the positioning.


Content with a purpose

Keyword-rich content draws more views and clicks. The deeper the narrative, the richer the experience.


Editorial calendar

Quality over quantity, blog articles express thought leadership and provide a gateway to advice.


Value proposition

Expressing in detail a methodology assists prospective customers in their decision making.


Client profiles

SEO-centric content contributes to the overall performance of the website.


Search optimized content

Glossaries expand the reach of your content and help drive leads to the brand.

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