Publish content that inspires action.

“Over the better part of six years, PACT has helped us increase our business followers, inbound sales leads, and convinced a number of Canadian business customers to choose our technology solutions. We owe a great deal to PACT’s team of thought leadership specialists.”

Brand Objectives
  • Thought leadership
  • Campaigning and promotion
  • Sales enablement collateral
  • Branding and design
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Brand Challenge
How to grab the attention of senior business leaders with meaningful content when the same group receives dozens of communications from different departments competing for their attention every day.

PACT Strategy-First Approach
PACT’s approach was simple and effective. Differentiate our content with deep subject matter expertise, original design, and increased promotional frequency. The publications PACT created delivered outstanding results.

Engagement tracking demonstrated the effectiveness of the thought leadership content developed by PACT’s team of technology specialists.

PACT delivered:
1. Generate incremental sales leads
2. Extend the reach of content marketing
3. Engage small to medium-sized businesses

Component 5

Your SMB toolkit for Microsoft partners

Attract new members to the Microsoft partner network by helping them grow their practice.

Moments of Truth ebook

Feature how cloud solutions transformed five innovative Canadian companies.

Profit Principles ebook

Improve the profitability of Canadian businesses big and small by modernizing operations.

Speaking Business Today ebook

Provide thought leadership content to help partners sell cloud solutions to their customers.

Transforming Business in Canada

Showcase the transformative power of cloud solutions in select Canadian success stories.

The Invisible Opportunity

Highlight the big opportunity for partners to capitalize on accessibility and inclusivity.

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