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“PACT brings real world knowledge and insights in small business marketing that we find exceptionally valuable. Their innovative work enabled our brand to target and engage SMB owners in new ways with their unique concepts and ideas.”

Brand Objectives
  • B2B engagement strategy
  • Social media engagement
  • Brand awareness

Brand Challenge
As one of the largest technology brands in the world, our client aspired to reach and engage small and medium sized businesses in Canada. Perceived as a big business solution provider, small business operators didn’t expect a global brand could understand or care about their needs.

PACT Strategy-First Approach
Using our strategy-first approach, PACT devised a content strategy to target, attract, and invite small business owners to follow the brand’s in the social media channel of their choice.

Recommending a poly-publishing approach, PACT developed a series of different content assets that were shared daily to engage, educate, inform, and entertain small business owners.

Diving deep in our client’s metrics, our approach promoted original artwork with stats, factoids, memes, and inspirational moments, created specifically for small business owner/operators across Canada. This campaign delivered new content daily for nine months.

PACT helps to:
1. Engagement and content strategy
2. Social media posts and visual assets
3. Launch video touchpoints

Social media visual assets

Mixing things up keeps campaigns interesting! PACT developed four types of original social assets driving consumption of blog posts, landing pages, ebook downloads and websites.


Business people love facts! These social assets lead with stats and data points of importance to small and medium sized businesses.


We all love animals. These social assets use adorable and striking images of animals combined with fun headlines relating to IT to draw clicks.


These social assets captured notable and often humerous business moments, complete with speech balloons that draw the eye.


These assets brought the brand’s animation style and assets to life and featured original, colourful doodles and punchy headlines.

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