Our passion for strategy, design, and innovation compels us to set the highest standard of marketing excellence. We believe that our ideas evolve exponentially with creative collaboration.

Brand advocacy bolsters brand power across social channels and plays a key role in optimizing the impact of word-of-mouth. Our values embrace courtesy, respect, transparency, inclusivity, and accessibility.

The true mark of a creative team inspires sustainable brand opportunities that surpass business and marketing objectives.

Our relationships with technology innovators enable us to recognize the unique opportunities that artificial intelligence, machine learning, edge computing, and the Internet of Things offer courageous brands.

PACT Products

PACT simplifies complex selling propositions. The following six products can help progressive brands realize incremental gains without committing to a multi-year engagement. We embrace baby steps as much as gigantic leaps forward.

Opportunity assessment

Opportunity assessment

Reveal market gaps and new opportunities for your brand to exploit. Discover audience segments you may have overlooked and explore potential positioning options for your brand to grow your business.

An ideal product for established and new organizations as well as scale ups poised to expand, our strategy-first approach provides clients like CIBC and Intelliware with the direction they need to guide their teams to pinnacle success.

Quantify and analyze your competitors, segments, and audiences to identify new tactical opportunities.

Brand identity

Brand strategy and identity

Building or transforming a brand requires more investment from organizations today than ever. A brand inspires a world of customers and influencers, beginning with its employees.

Refreshing a brand goes well beyond a new logo or slogan. True success requires a defined and determined culture with inspirational vision and mission statements to drive a business to new heights.

Award Pool and Canam Fresh are prime PACT examples of brands poised for success.

Brand and sales narrative

Brand and sales narrative

Getting a large sales or account team to sing from the same song sheet can prove to be a daunting and painstaking task for even the most experienced CMO or VP of sales and marketing.

The BlueDot infectious disease intelligence team trusted PACT to re-create their sales narrative and design co-sell collateral to help train and support their growing partner network and employees.

Leveraging nearly 60 years of combined business and marketing experience across numerous industries, PACT can help you fill your sales pipeline.

Web development and SEO

Web development and SEO

As the business world integrates Web 3.0 technologies in their customer experience models, we continue to leverage our subject matter expertise gained from our vicennial relationship with Microsoft Canada as well as development brands like Intelliware and BlueRush to digitally transform branded web experiences.

PACT brings dev and SEO specialists together to create modern, integrated customer experiences that deliver a quantifiable and sizable impact to the growth of organizations big and small.

Let us help you optimize the way you do business.

Content production

Content strategy and production

Content marketing can attract new customers and influencers to even the most obscure brands globally. Brands like Microsoft, Intelliware, BlueDot and CIBC have risen to epic stardom with great content.

Whether technical, business or consumer content production, PACT remains format and industry agnostic. From videos to podcasts, ebooks to white papers and blog articles, we’ve developed professional content, tailored to attract and engage audiences.

We want to be part of your brand storytelling journey.

Licensing and merchandising

Licensing and merchandising

What was once old can be new again. And, what’s new can also become legendary. Leverage the untapped power of vintage and premium brands like Peter Puck, Champions and Supreme, and bolster your brand’s re-awakening.

Beyond clothing and consumer packaged goods, many licensed properties offer unique opportunities for modern brands to tap into new market segments, launch Web 3.0 products like NFTs, and profit from consumers growing appetite for nostalgic and premium brands.

Think beyond the box and join the next brand revolution.


Donald Bilodeau

About PACT

Operating since 2016 in Toronto, Ontario, PACT Advertising Inc., a multi-disciplinary marketing and advertising agency specializing in strategy. We work collaboratively, in English, French and Spanish, with large, medium, and small businesses to help them achieve pinnacle success in their respective industries in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Our team strives for excellence as they take every project and deliverable to heart.

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Strategy First

The PACT Differentiator

Our strategy-first approach to every project reaps the returns on investment our clients expect at the start of an engagement. We understand that our clients want results, not just engagement metrics.

A PACT brand assessment reveals missed opportunities and market expectations that your brand can exploit to grow your business.

Let’s discuss your needs, objectives, and obstacles to success.


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