Blind man is walking down a flight of stairs with a seeing eye dog.
The Invisible Opportunity
Making the case for accessibility

What if unconscious bias was holding back your business? It’s the central question at the heart of an ebook dedicated to encouraging businesses, big and small, to embrace accessibility and inclusivity in their workplace.

But how? How do you communicate the benefits of accessibility—without getting heavy-handed or preachy? In these jaded days, is it possible to change someone’s mind, let alone open a heart?

Absolutely, but only with a thoughtful appeal. Enter The Invisible Opportunity, an original ebook that makes both the business and ethical case for embracing accessibility and inclusivity.

Researched, written, and designed by PACT, this change-making presentation comes loaded with eye-opening facts about people who have disabilities, including their performance as employees and consumer purchasing power.​​

"Even so, changing attitudes takes commitment, time, and patience. By definition, people aren't aware of their unconscious bias. At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and every organization to achieve more."

- Ricardo Wagner

Launched by Microsoft Canada in September 2019, The Invisible Opportunity ebook has helped reach businesses across Canada and is slated for adaptation/localization by several Microsoft subsidiaries. 

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