Small and Mighty
Praising the unsung business

If you follow the news, you might get the impression that only enterprises matter. Big businesses get all the headlines. But what about small and medium-sized companies?

In Canada, these growing businesses represent the lion’s share of our economy. According to StatsCan, 1.15 million of Canada’s total 1.18 employer businesses have under 100 employees.

That’s 97.9 percent… in other words, almost everyone!

So, how do you get the word out about the importance of small businesses as employers, innovators, and everything in between? With creativity, of course! Microsoft approached PACT with the ask of a campaign designed to reach and rally the country’s small and medium-sized businesses. The goal of the campaign was to celebrate SMBs and communicate in sharable memes, factoids, and doodles what role technology plays for the future growth of their business.

The Small and Mighty campaign shared social tiles across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social channels to draw interest and drive traffic to
blog posts and pages. Featuring original creative designs in a ModernBiz
style, these social shares were very well liked and shared extensively.

To get a feel for this fun campaign, you can see some of our most popular Small and Mighty social tiles in the image below.

The Small and Mighty campaign communicated a very positive message
around technology and value of upgrading. And your organization can, too. It all starts with a conversation about you, your goals, objectives, concerns, and hopes, and dreams!
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