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Nurturing better relationships

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Outside of golfing, lunches, and holiday cards—how do you build better relationships with people? How do you turn more sales prospects into customers and more customers into lifelong loyalists? One answer is to get the right process and modern technology working for you! Use this checklist to cross your t’s and dot your i’s when it comes to building great business relationships.

IDENTIFY. Tend to pitch to the wrong person? Use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to know who you should approach within an organization. When you focus your efforts, your sales process becomes far more efficient.

LISTEN. Prospects and customers increasingly use social media to make announcements, market themselves, manage customers and ask for help. Use a CRM tool to monitor what they’re saying online, so you can approach them with more relevant things to say.

NURTURE. Some prospects need to be warmed up for months. A CRM platform helps structure and pace your online and offline communication, so you can make contact, stay connected and gradually win multiple prospects over.

TRACK. When you make contact with a prospect or customer, use a CRM system to take notes and identify the next steps that other team members can access easily. This coordination helps save time, avoid confusion and encourage transparency.

PRODUCE. Upgrade to Office 365. With everything from video conferencing to collaboration apps, this productivity suite offers creative and communication tools that save time, save money, improve security and help you create polished materials.

MOBILIZE. Get modern devices working for you. Use Office 365 to empower everyone on your team to retrieve customer information easily, stay in touch, get things done on the run and make polished presentations, no matter where they go.

ANALYZE. If you analyze how customers have behaved in the past, you can better predict what they will do. These insights will help you forecast revenue, adjust schedules, make purchasing/inventory decisions and focus on your most profitable relationships.

TRY IT. Many solutions offer free trials of their software. Downloading a trial version of software can give you an opportunity to “test drive” a solution without having to spend a cent.

PARTNER. If modernizing your tech sounds great, but feels hard to implement, talk to a Microsoft Certified Partner and tell them what you want to do.

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