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Creating content that feels like Marilyn Monroe

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Whether it’s a video that’s gone viral or gossip about a notorious celebrity, to effectively attract your audience, I propose that your content should try to mimic the iconic actress Marilyn Monroe in at least six unexpected ways.


Content should captivate and charm its audience, not just be relevant. Anything less needs to be reworked. Make every impression count. Marketing budgets have shrunk, and top brass expects three dollars back for every dollar spent.

If it isn’t meaningful to your audience, you shouldn’t publish it.


Some may argue that leading headlines do more damage than good by luring clicks. But is that true? Great content rises above mediocrity through substance, but a catchy headline almost always works wonders.

What’s the point of telling a story if no one clicks through to read?

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” - Marilyn Monroe


When stepping on the stage and publishing content for the public-at-large, watch your timing. Tackle timely subjects. (The stuff people talk about.) And watch your tempo! Make your narratives flow. Use punchy, short, and colourful phrases and avoid long, confusing sentences.

For inspiration, study Marilyn’s comedic timing.


Sexy content titillates and tantalizes the reader. Mix ingredients that rise to reveal a bouquet of insights, some rare wisdom—or better yet, an epic tale of victory overcoming incredible odds! Above all, have something interesting to say and say it with confidence.

That’s sexy.


How do you build a fan base like Marilyn? Followers, sharers, clicks, time on page… track valuable metrics like these to understand what kind of content your audience likes.  Then, challenge yourself to go beyond the standard dashboard of numbers. Dig deeper into your audience’s mindset and look for qualitative insights to focus your efforts. 

Before long, your star will start to rise.


Don’t overdo it.  There’s a breaking point with people.  When an idea is so strained and overworked it becomes pointless.  Remember Marilyn and her approach, style, and public persona. 

Like her infamous acapella performance, find your voice, keep it simple, and make it count.

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