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Leading employees to greatness

Wondering how you can inspire greatness in your employees? Business owners have wondered about that since the dawn of commerce.

Market forces outside of your control, such as economic growth or downturns, can impact your employee productivity and morale. Even so, your business will never possess a more powerful competitive advantage than your employees. This post reveals nine strategies to inspire, nay, elevate your employees to greatness!

Employee greatness tips

1. Ask your team

2. Set attainable goals

3. Edutainment hour

4. Get a face-lift

5. Try more transparency

6. Break bead

7. Invest in new tech

8. Recognize outstanding work

9. Seek professional advice

1. Ask your team

Start by talking to your team. Ask them what motivates them. What’s a good stretch goal for them? How do they stay busy when work slows down? A handful of conversations can get the direction you need to create an incentive plan that fits your business objectives.

If meeting in person won’t work, you can try doing an employee survey and use the results to set internal benchmarks.

2. Set attainable goals

Each employee must understand the importance of his or her role and how they perform it daily. So, set goals for everyone, not just sales people. Define what each employee needs to achieve to succeed. And be realistic! Setting impossible or too many targets will certainly end in failure.

Annual scorecards and performance evaluations work well, but nothing prevents business owners from giving employees incremental goals and incentives. Set one additional goal for each person. Establish reasonable deadlines and empower your people with the proper tools to reach those targets.

3. Edutainment hour

Consider inviting motivational speakers that facilitate collaboration or team building workshops. When carefully curated, many speakers adapt their presentation to your business and incorporate your industry challenges to better connect with their audience. Use this strategy to your advantage.

Take the pressure off you. Bring in a hired gun to deliver an inspirational and motivational employee experience.

4. Get a face-lift

A brand face-lift, that is! If you still use the same positioning statements from 15 years ago, your brand needs to refresh. Consult a local brand agency for a point-of-view on your position in the marketplace.

People feel revitalized by improvements to their workspace. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, new cubicles or a new look to your brand, change can often spark positive energy and boost morale.

5. Try more transparency

Good or bad, employees appreciate the opportunity to understand the performance of the organization. So, start by sharing more insights, then evolve your approach based on feedback. Highlight the opportunities to hit the next level or to find new customers. The closer employees feel connected to your business success, the greater their loyalty and contribution.

You don’t have to meet in person to do a town hall every quarter. Do a virtual one instead.

6. Break bread

That’s right, eat together—just not pizza! You care about your staff, so don’t be afraid to show it. Some offices provide healthy food choices to their staff as a team incentive and to promote work like balance. Employees can unite around the lunch table, while others prepare their meal in the kitchen, and so on. Breaking bread together is a great way to strengthen bonds in a team.

7. Invest in new tech

People still coo when they receive the latest and greatest technology to perform their job. And not just because these tools translate into fewer headaches and a better experience. Great tech can help them feel that they work for a company that keeps up with the times, not someone stuck in the past.

8. Recognize outstanding work

Until mankind perfects android manufacturing, business owners will continue to hire humans. As one of those humans, praise for my work and recognition of my contribution rank among the top of ways to keep me motivated!

A timely “pat-on-the-back email” is nice, but people need a lot more to motivate them to perform at a higher level. Depending on the employee, you may create a segment in your quarterly town hall to give a shout-out for exceptional performance or to reward them with an honorarium, such as an employee-of-the-month program.

Go a step further! Create competitive team challenges and announce the winners at an informal awards celebration in the office.

9. Seek professional help

Not sure what makes sense for your team? Business coaches and human resource consultants assist companies to structure engagement and retention programs. You can ask them to review your HR strategy and practices. And you can collaborate with them to fine tune your approach, given your market conditions.

Don’t wait till more good employees walk away to do something. Be proactive! Talk to an expert.

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