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Revitalizing your business culture

You need to get your employees inspired, fast! Let's give you 10 no-nonsense strategies to get your employees focused and motivated to work together and achieve great things.

1. Look outside your walls

Organizations have a way of focusing so much on their projects and personnel that they become insular and self-absorbed. To spark creativity and a shared sense of ambition, try to get your employees thinking about what’s going on outside of your walls. Do a big-picture competitive review of the movers and shakers in your industry. Then look at organizations outside of your industry who you admire to get your collective juices flowing.

2. Set clear goals

Can your employees communicate the goals of your organization? And do they know exactly what they need to do to contribute? As obvious as it may seem, employers tend to assume that everyone at the office understands the big picture. But sometimes, they don’t. So take the time to set clear goals and communicate those goals to everyone in a succinct, specific and memorable way—like a live shared event.

3. Hold a town hall

Staging an all-employees event—a town hall—can be one of the most powerful methods to get everyone fired up. Use this event to prepare a presentation outlining the business goals and targets, to communicate changes, recognize contributors/high achievers and to remind your team of the strategic vision driving your organization. Consider it a pep rally! Ideally, you can get everyone together in-person.

4. Catch up on reviews

Employers sometimes demoralize employees by putting off performance and salary reviews, forgetting the critical role these milestones play in a person’s work life. If you’re lagging behind, catch up. Schedule, prepare for, and conduct thorough reviews. Take the opportunity to provide constructive feedback, to identify individual performance goals and to ask for and listen to feedback on how to make things better.

5. Refresh your space

If you share office space, refresh it. Time and budget permitting, you could hire a work space specialist to redesign your space with improved productivity in mind (and yes, this actually works). But even a cosmetic face-lift—like a good cleaning, a fresh coat of paint, switching up dreary wall art and removing clutter, like unused or ugly furniture—can make a surprisingly dramatic difference to employee morale.

6. Improve your food

The science is in and good nutrition = higher productivity. While no organization should try to dictate what an employee eats, you can influence nutritional choices without being preachy by introducing healthy food options. A few examples? Instead of donuts and muffins, bring fruit and veggie platters into to the office. Offer free herbals teas (versus just coffee). Or get a new water cooler or water filtration solution installed.

7. Upgrade your tech

Too many organizations suffer with aggravating (and costly) technology problems like old software, unreliable email or clumsy file sharing systems. We say enough already! Give your employees the best with a subscription to a suite like Office 365. Let Microsoft handle your email, file sharing, back-ups, video conferencing, instant messaging, plus give you the newest versions of classic Office apps.

8. Try out new rewards

Group and personal incentives work very well. If you set a big audacious goal, why not try offering individual and team rewards to achieve it? The rewards could vary wildly—from small gifts and cash bonuses to days off or even trips. If money is tight, the reward could just take the form of recognition. Simply providing recognition for a job well done (and let’s face it, bragging rights) can prove remarkably motivating.

9. Get some coaching

Business coaches, like our client the NeuroActiv Coach, help individuals and organizations realize their potential and, in the process, can pay for themselves many times over through improved morale and productivity. If you can’t afford a new coach, talk to your recruiter or HR person about steps you can make to inspire your employees.

10. Ask for feedback

At the end of the day, most employees want their opinions, ideas, and feedback to matter. As a business owner or manager, just taking the time to talk to employees, to listen to them carefully, and to acknowledge them as professionals will make a huge difference. Plus, a great idea can come from just about anywhere or anyone!

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