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Striking a better work/life balance

Burning the candle on both ends? This post provides easy ways to strike a better work life balance and to relieve some pressure with the help of technology.

You’re expected to be everywhere, give explicit instructions, and do everything (if you want it done right)—all just to put food on the table. How can you get a little relief from carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Technology can come to the rescue. These six tips can help take away a little stress, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Work life balance tips

1. Drive less (video conference more)

2. Delegate to your virtual assistant

3. Take your time

4. Sleep better at night

5. Increase your throughput

6. Declutter your devices

1. Drive less (video conference more)

Can’t be everywhere at once? Sometimes you should just trust technology to help avoid stressful situations, like city traffic. Stay in your cozy office and make good use of video conferencing technology. Host your face-to-face meetings without wasting valuable time travelling from point A to B and back again.

Use a platform like Microsoft Teams to present ideas, concepts, or your products and services. Use video conferencing to share your screen in real-time, then:

  • ·Walk through proposals with your customers and prospects

  • Leverage third party information on the fly during your presentations

  • Mark up your documents together—real-time collaboration

  • Record your meetings so you can have them transcribed later

2. Delegate to your virtual assistant

Can’t afford a personal assistant? Try an AI assistant out, like Cortana. Cortana, the voice-activated virtual assistant included with Windows 10, can help you track tasks, store preferences, notify you of your flight, even help you find a great restaurant. She’s the employee that never sleeps, never complains, and never asks for a raise!

3. Take your time

Master your domain—your email domain, that is! To become an email maestro, you can turn to productivity gurus. Inbox zero (a term coined by Merlin Mann) refers to his way of dealing with email. He suggests dealing with emails as you first read them. Decide then whether you delete it, delegate it, answer it, flag it for later, or forward it as an FYI. This way, you can stay on top of email and not face the anxiety of unanswered emails piling up. If you can’t see yourself doing that, then try scheduling fixed times for email in your day.

4. Sleep better at night

I know it sounds basic, but many business owners and developers work long hours without getting enough sleep. And, as we age, our sleep patterns change. You might start snoring or tossing and turning and think it’s normal. Some disruption is normal, but when it happens nearly every night, you need to act. Can an app help you sleep better? Maybe. Less caffeine may help too!

5. Increase your throughput

Make more of your time by focusing on your personal productivity at work. Increasing your desktop square footage, for example, can boost your productivity by up to 30 percent. For developers, that might mean adding a third screen to your desk! Per Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering, scientists increased their productivity by 36 percent when they added a third monitor.

6. Declutter your phone

You use your phone all day, every day, but how often do you actually maintain it? Re-evaluate your attachment to your apps! Some apps and tech add joy to our lives, but not necessarily for a long period of time. If that time has passed, delete them and tidy up your apps. While you're at it, you can turn off those annoying app and system notifications and even personalize your ringtone to make it a little friendlier.

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