Your future self by design
Secretly, a lot of us feel like we have yet to achieve our potential. We struggle with our careers, relationships, health, or finances. While other people seem to excel and get the big breaks, we stay the same. Or worse, we seem to lose ground.
Rewrite your story with personal and professional coaching. Introducing Neuro-Activ Coaching.®
Developed in France by Florent Fusier, Neuro-Activ methodology provides a framework to improve yourself and your life by taking stock of what’s true and what you’ve convinced yourself is true. The latter toxifies your life as a set of  limiting beliefs responsible for influencing many of your decisions over time, ultimately becoming an obstacle to attaining a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment.
Intrigued yet? The Neuro-Activ methodology is new to North America and has been adapted by Yannick Picard, the Neuro-Activ Coach, into English. Yannick hired PACT for brand positioning, marketing consulting, creative direction, and content development of his new website as well as unique sales tools.

I help clients fulfill their personal aspirations and follow a new positive, collaborative, and effective life path.

Ingeniously, NeuroActivCoach's website and collateral kit include diverse profiles of professionals who benefit from this service. James’ profile, for example, explains how he’s changed employers four times in his 20-year career and struggles with a lack of confidence. Stephanie, another profile, lacks the skills and patience to understand how to deal with her teenage daughter. These profiles allow sales prospects to see themselves as viable clients.  Visit

Untapped business segments reveal new opportunities for small-to medium-sized businesses in Canada.

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