Modern Workplace on Demand
The birth of a new business channel

Most of us wish we could attend more business events and conferences, especially in cool cities like New York, Austin, and San Francisco. But let’s be real. They can cost a fortune!

It’s not just the tickets, travel, accommodations, and meals. It’s also about the time going takes away from your business. Participating in an event can cost you dearly in lost productivity and even opportunity.

So, what if the conference came to you, instead?

Modern Workplace on Demand strives to do just that. Conceived as an alternative to costly conferences, this free new business channel offers unlimited access to symposium-style presentations, plus ebooks, blog posts, and more.

Modern Workplace on Demand features presentations from notable Canadian thought leaders, including:

  • Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Distinguished expert-in-residence at Ryerson University and one of the world’s leading privacy experts

  • Celebrated technology evangelist, blogger, podcaster, author, and journalist Marc Saltzman

  • Fawn Annan, President & CEO, ITWC, publisher of

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Impact to climate change aside, the rising costs of attending conferences limits our ability to send our people to these learning opportunities. By choosing to build a channel with original thought leadership content from keynote speakers, your entire team can benefit from information normally reserved to a few. 

Launched in October 2019, you can subscribe to Modern Workplace on Demand now for free. Created in collaboration with Blue Ant Media and other Microsoft partners and vendors, PACT provided the strategic vision and ongoing creative direction of the channel, including recommending speakers and topics of most interest to businesses across Canada.

 We have the pleasure of collaborating with all kinds of amazing teams.

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