Discovering a marketable brand differentiator

Complexity. As companies grow, so too does the complexity of their IT. A single enterprise—like a bank, insurance company, or pension company—can run hundreds, even thousands of separate, interdependent apps and systems, all producing, sharing, and reproducing massive amounts of data at once.

Now imagine you’re responsible for innovating, or at least modernizing, your operations at those enterprises. In the face of such complexity—and risk—you would go out of your way to provide your team with every advantage possible.

Enter Intelliware. Canada’s first Agile software development company creates solutions that help enterprises innovate, modernize, protect, and scale their organizations. Intriguingly, they also train their clients in the ways of Agile.

For those of you unfamiliar with Agile, this philosophy of software development reduces risk while improving transparency and delivering more value. The Agile approach informs everything Intelliware does, right down to their funky downtown building and vibrant business culture.


PACT collaborated with Intelliware on their new website, providing a new generation of brand positioning and content. Visit to see the new web experience.

Speaking of pioneers,
PACT also collaborates with Distributel's b2b brand,  ThinkTel.

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