Great Canadian Innovators
Inspiring entrepreneurial ambition

Brain-drain. If you live in Canada, you already know the trope about our best and brightest talent heading south to pursue opportunity. In fact, cool startups and tech companies across our country do truly innovative work. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the 2018 Great Canadian Innovators Yearbook we created for Microsoft for Startups.

Microsoft for Startups is the group inside the enterprise dedicated to identifying and funding high-potential technology companies and then providing them with business strategy, access to Azure (the Microsoft Cloud), training, technical support, co-sales, co-marketing, and funding.
As you might imagine, partnering with Microsoft for Startups can prove instrumental for startups.

Conceived and created entirely by PACT, the Great Canadian Yearbook 2018 showcases 10 amazing Canadian companies innovating with technologies like artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, holograms (yes, holograms!) the cloud, and other transformative technologies.
The yearbook features introductions with links to full-length blog posts (also created by PACT) capturing
 each startup’s story and value proposition.

To complete the writing and design of this yearbook, PACT conducted interviews with the entrepreneurs as well as exhaustive discovery. The opportunity to connect and collaborate with such talented and passionate people was nothing short of amazing.

According to Microsoft Canada, Great Canadian Innovators 2018 has ranked among its top-performing b2b original assets, driving awareness of Microsoft’s modern technology offering, sales leads, and Microsoft channel partnership subscriptions. The company went so far as to print the yearbook for distribution.

Download Great Canadian Innovators Yearbook. Disponible en français.

Data shows that a majority
of small-to medium-sized
businesses in Canada worry about their cybersecurity.

Microsoft Canada published an ebook called Business Self-Defense to help small-to-medium sized companies across Canada boosts their cybersecurity.