The power of voice

With all the attention soaked up by glitzy new technologies, like artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles, it’s easy to overlook the enduring power and value of voice. To regain awareness among B2B customers, Distributel invested in thought leadership content to help improve their customer's web and brand experience.

Think about it. Email and advertising generate leads, but only voices close the deal. Customers may reach out to brands on websites and social networks, but when something needs to happen, people expect a real person to answer the phone…

Even so, most Canadian companies still rely on old-fashioned and pricey public phone lines (so-called PRI). They don’t even think of voice as part of their digital transformation. There’s nothing exciting about landlines and handsets, right?

Wrong. When businesses, school districts, and municipalities can save tons of money and vastly improve their disaster recovery in the process, that’s exciting. And it helps explain why thousands of organizations have already jumped to ThinkTel.

ThinkTel works with PACT to develop compelling customer success stories that illustrate the many benefits of moving to PBX and SIP Trunking technology. As leaders in voice technology, ThinkTel offers Canadian corporations and organizations a depth of expertise in telephony solutions.


Visit www.thinktel.ca/resources/case-studies/ to see some of our recent stories about Ridgeback Resources, District of Mission, and Alberta’s Teachers’ Association.

 Many brands we work with are true innovators in business and technology.

So we created the Great Canadian Innovators Yearbook to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit across our great dominion.