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Business Self-Defense
Teaching business to protect themselves

Did you know there’s a cybercrime wave happening in Canada and the United States? The research will blow your mind. In Canada, StatsCan reports that over 20 percent of all businesses experienced some sort of cybersecurity incident in 2017 alone. That means one out of five companies endure at least one issue in a single year. Yikes!

As part of a huge, ongoing effort to combat this crime wave, Microsoft commissioned a campaign from PACT to educate and empower small and medium-sized businesses to better understand the modern threat landscape as well as take action to protect themselves. PACT responded with Business Self-Defense, a national campaign combining social and blogging.

Instead of “dumbing down” our message or resorting to scare tactics, the highly successful Business Self-Defense campaign got specific – sharing unique cybercrime factoids as social graphics every business day in October, small business month in Canada. PACT sourced and created these “factoids” from Microsoft research and various credible third-party sources.

Self-Defense campaigned call out a specific security issue and linked to full-length posts detailing the solution. Collectively, these social shares and educational blog posts inspired countless real-world businesses across Canada to improve their security.


Read our Business Self-Defense campaign blog post for access to campaign assets.

Campaigning thought leadership content increases your reach and your return on investment.

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